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Thursday, June 8, 2023 (12:00 - 14:00) GMT+10

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Eagle Street 111
Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia

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Thank you for joining the conversation on data mining and data-driven business alongside our panel of specialists Clay Quinn, from Google Australia, Alexandra Geer from NGIS, David Ogilvie from DO Consulting and Sebastien Colette, leader of our New Tech subcommittee and facilitator.

If you have missed the event, here are a few key take-aways from our panellists:

Clay Quinn

  • Define a data strategy to use as your North star. Ensure that the data is easily accessible and usable, ensure you have processes and governance in place, and align to an open ecosystem to enable easier integration and more flexibility.
  • Start small, prove out value and iterate- low hanging fruit with quick business outcomes. Avoid the "field of dreams" approach.
  • Create a data-driven culture so data is used across your organisation. Data is a team sport - everyone rowing together.

Alex Geer

  • Technology and geospatial is always evolving - things that weren't possible before now are. So, keep questioning and looking for new ways to do this.
  • Don't underestimate the value that simple geospatial data can bring to your business - lots of you will be mature in your geospatial capabilities, so this isn't a surprise. But for others, bringing in the geographic context will make a world of distance.

David Ogilvie

  • New tools don't always equate to better results. Often making better use of the tools you have is an answer. Remember, we are after success not perfection.
  • Data helps decision-making and can help build culture. Start building your metrics with the behaviour you want to promote in the business and analyse the data accordingly.
  • Improve your real-time data capture. "Get your fundamentals right" - Understand capital utilisation, such as "Stock turns"

Thank you to our Patron member EYand Fabrice Jeannin in Brisbane for their warm welcome and to our co-sponsor S2C Professional Services without whom this event wouldn't have been possible.